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During our first consult, we'll discuss your business needs - whether it's website design, email marketing, or a full custom software solution.

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We'll schedule a meeting to discuss you requirements in depth. It's important for us to understand your needs, your customer, and your business process.

Rapid Response and Support

We'll work quicky to respond to any of your needs or questions, as well as provide immediate support. We actively monior your website's performance.

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We offer on-site consultations in the Central Pennsylvania region including the counties of Dauphin, Cumberland, Perry, York, and Lancaster. Contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost?

There isn't a simple answer. Each website needs to be tailored for each business and can range in complexity from a simple static site to a fully-customized enterprise portal. Extra services such as social integration or complex content can also affect the final cost.

What happens after my site launches?

No website should be left unattended. Backups, security patches, analytics, market analysis, and content adjustment are all part of ongoing maintenance. We'll provide ongoing support to keep you site running smooth.

Can I just use a online website builder for my site?

Yes, these tools are great for startup businesses and websites with limited content. However, they lack uniqueness and won't support a fast growing business. You will also be responsible for content, design, and ongoing maintenance.

What if I already have a website and just want it updated?

In many cases, we can design and develop the new site while the old site is still running. We can then work with your current hosting company to transfer the domain and publish the new site. This is usually a seamless process with very little downtime, if any.

Is my website hosted on one of your servers?

No. We manage your account with website hosting company that is responsible for storing and serving up your website data. A third-party hosting company is used to provide guarenteed reliability, backup services, privacy, and a secure infrastructure. This is the industry standard for small to medium business sites.

How long does it take to build a website?

This depends on the complexity of the site, but most sites can be developed and launched within a couple of months. This includes the time needed for requirements gathering, content creation, and coding.

Can I preview my site before it goes live?

Yes, we will provide you with many demonstrations of the new site before it goes live. This gives you an opportunity to adjust anything you may not like about the site and change content as needed. The site will not be available to the public until the final design is approved.

How quickly can you change something on the site?

If the change involves an update to text or images, this can be completed in a few days. If the change involves new designs, functionality, or pages - it may take a few weeks to develop the change before it can be released.

Can I update content on the site myself?

If we build your site using a CMS framework (eg. WordPress or Drupal), then you will have the ability to add and change content yourself. Keep in mind though that with great power comes great responsibility. You will need staff members trained in using the CMS platform and knowledgeable about basic web best practices.

How can I rank higher in Google search results?

While Google's search algorithm is proprietary, there are certain things that are known to improve search rank. One of things you can do as a business owner is to write valuable content that the public wants to read, reference, and link back to. Content such as blogs, articles, and how-tos will attract users and improve on keyword hits.

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